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Get Local with ZIP Code targeting

As previously announced , you can now target 5-digit U.S. ZIP codes in AdWords campaigns on Google Search and Display networks. ZIP code targeting can help you reach the same audiences as your direct mail campaigns, target specific service areas, reach more profitable customers, or optimize national campaigns at a more local level. To help you make the most of ZIP code targeting, here are a few best practices covering ZIP code campaign setup, selection, bulk uploads, and reporting. You can also sign up now for our June 12th webinar on how to increase online and offline sales with ZIP code targeting . Campaign Setup Based on feedback from early adopters, we recommend that you get started by supplementing your national or regional campaigns with a separate local campaign, so you can optimize bids, budgets and creatives at a ZIP code level while maintaining your reach and volume with the more broadly targeted campaign.

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Get Local with ZIP Code targeting

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Mobile Friendliness Now a Google Ranking Signal
Mobile Friendliness Now a Google Ranking Signal

Google has finally announced that mobile-friendliness will be added as a ranking signal

Earning Links .vs Building Links
Earning Links vs Building Links

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